In the early 1950s, a housing and population boom hit the Donelson community.  Donelson Heights UMC began with a dream and within that dream lay a spiritual challenge, as expressed by our founders:


The Spiritual Challenge 

With the hundreds of new homes and families in each sub-division, there is an increased need for reaching and winning to Christ the families of this community.  The need for new schools offers us the opportunity for Church Schools to meet the spiritual needs of the children of this area.  As the area and number of children increase, so the challenge increases.  We are moving to meet that need.  God calls!  We must answer!


Our Answer

Our answer to this problem is the establishment of the Donelson Heights Methodist Church and the construction of its Church Building at Fairway and Selma Streets.  Plans are completed for the construction of the unit known as Fellowship Hall.  The first unit will have ample room on the first-floor level for a sanctuary and four classrooms.  The Ground floor level will include the Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and classrooms.  This will be our answer to an ever-increasing problem:  the spiritual growth of our people.


The Donelson Heights Methodist

Church will not complete its full

mission until it has a Church

building of its own.


"Let Our Hands Ne'er Falter When

     the Dream Is In Our Hearts"