Weekly Schedule




9:15 am    Sunday School

10:30 am  Worship

4:00 om    SPARK 4/6

4:45 pm   The Firecrackers




8:00 am  Early Childhood Program

5:30 pm  Gentle Yoga



8:00 am  Early Childhood Program

8:00 am  Early Childhood Program
6:30 pm Chancel Choir Practice



8:00 am  Early Childhood Program

1:00 pm  Weekly Scripture study



8:00 am  Early Childhood Program

Upcoming Events

-Charge Conference: October 17 at 5 pm

    *All members are invited to attend!

    *All Leadership should plan to attend to        vote on the 2022 Leadership and the              2022 Pastor’s Salary. We are also the              host church for other congregations’            charge conferences that day, so stay              tuned for ways to volunteer for those            (water bottle donations included)!

-Church Yard Sale: October 23

     *Drop-Off Day: Friday, October 22

     *Stay tuned for more details!

-Confirmation Day: October 31

     *Four of our young people have been              exploring their own faith and what it            means to commit to being a United                Methodist. Come to the service to                  support them on their journey!