Adult Sunday School - 9:15 a.m.



 Journey - The intention of this class is to explore faith and enhance spiritual growth by experiencing other's lives, thoughts, and experiences through book study and discussion. The group is open, honest and not always in agreement; however, always friendly. The books are suggested by class members and a list is sent out to all members who, together, decide on what book to study next. Our current book is "have a little fairh" by Mitch Albom. The class is facilitated by Sandie Glover.


The John DuVal Fellowship Class - A lecture/discussion class which meets in the Chapel. There are no age restrictions and everyone is welcome.  There is a short song service before the lesson.  Adult Bible Studies are used as lesson material. 


Friendship - This class is generally baby boomer ages.  Studies are based on literature chosen by the class.  We offer a more intimate setting than traditional classes offering class based on dialogue. We are a close group with a sense of community; yet, are welcoming of all new persons looking for a different type of Sunday school experience.